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Blog 10

For my final blog post I’d like to edit a video on the recent chemical attack in Syria. After reading a few articles and watching first person videos of the incident happening, I knew that’s what my topic had to be on. Most of the victims from the attack were women and children, there’s been about 40 fatalities from it too. Allies have agreed that there is a response is needed and the U.S. military is amid threat to the Syrian government. The victims have been described as foaming out of there mouthes from the chlorine attack. It opens my eyes to what’s going on around the world still, I feel like I was blinded by a lot of other countries problems for a little bit. I want show people how important it is to incorporate other countries news in their own.


NEWSY Opinion

When looking on NEWSY website I noticed how organized it was with links at the top that could direct me to different types of articles I might be interested in. I clicked on the culture headline to see what might be on there. The article about Black panther going 5 straight weeks as No. 1 on box office got me thinking about how much success and it’s had. There was another one about the oscars and other contenders involved. Most of them opinionated but still stating facts. NEWSY seems to contain articles that are topics of discussion everywhere. Stuff people can relate to and understand, I like it a lot. They have documentaries and government articles on there too. I will definitely be using this website in the near future.

Hyperlocal News Importance

Today local is starting to change, as users connect to the network in real time/all the time, with GPS-enabled mobile applications like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Devices that know both who you are and where you are delivering news and information with time-sensitive accuracy. I do not think the future of hyperlocal news will be gaining any profit in the news future. It’s made to cover media that most large mainstream outlets wouldn’t. Though they’re could be some interesting articles it may only intrigue audiences locally. Nobody outside of their town wants to hear about a local little league baseball team winning games. Nobody is really concerned about hearing local news anyways, they want to hear about world wide news. Things happening with our government, Russian ties, etc. Worldwide news will always override hyperlocal news.

Blog 7 photojournalism

I love photojournalism very much, it combines two things in my life that are very important to me. I know that film is really dying out but I have a very strong passion for shooting 35 mm film, there’s something special about physical vs digital. I’ve recently made friends with an hcc ybor student named Connor zwetsch. She performs through the week while attending school. She’s a very talented individual. I will be attending one of her performances this Thursday and I’m really looking forward to it. I hope to document it with a few film and digital pictures. We also have a confirmed interview after her performance is over. We have a lot of common interest so there should be no problem striking up conversation!

Blog 6

Although historical pieces could be an interesting topic to write about, based on how drastic media and technology is changing now and days. I would love to do a story on personality profiles. I feel like in many peoples lives they idolize or look up to celebrities. It’s seems like a natural instinct for a child or full grown adult to see someone on t.v. And want to be like them. Now when I see someone I’m interested in, I want to know more about them immediately and I’m pretty sure that’s how it is for everyone. If I could back up my facts and stats about an executive or celebrity many are interested in, I feel like it could be intriguing. There’s so much to learn about people, why not do it on a well know or liked person. That’d make it all the better.

Blog 4

Based on my subject’s broad perspective on skateboarding I’ve learned a lot from the guy that I haven’t ever even noticed how things fluctuate in the skate industry. From skateboarding distributions to the homegrown skate scene in Tampa. We are one of the most notorious cities in the country to have prodigy skateboarders come out of here. Skateboardings style has changed from the shape boards and bright neon converse with bandanas hanging out of our pockets. Now it’s more industrial with huge companies like Nike and adidas investing in it until the fad isn’t cool anymore. Kids have come and gone in skateboarding, but the ones who stick to it have some gnarly stories to tell. Manny amorelli is one of the coolest kats you’ll ever meet and he’s from our own hometown of Tampa bay. There are so many national events that are held here every year that it’s hard not notice.

Lab exercise 4

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is right around the corner. Unfortunately for Pauline Cayia, things haven’t been going so well. While Pauline had just finished up shopping at her local mall, The Galleria, in Fort Lauderdale. She was demanded her purse by a young man while driving down the interstate. She said when she sat in her car she could smell a masculine odor in the car, but didn’t find anything. Then when she was driving at high speed a man came out from the backseat and demanded her to hand over her purse. Frightened and confused, Pauline speed up trying to get attention of any officers but nobody noticed. When she headed to a nearby street the intimidating man returned her purse. Eventually she turned and crashed right into another car. Shocked, the man ran out of the car while it was still moving. Cautiously Pauline drove straight to the police station instinctively, knowing she had to be there to feel safe.